PTFE Polytetraflourethylene - (Teflon®)

PTFE High Performance Wire and Cable is a non-flammable, very flexible, non-toxic and environmentally safe material that can be used in environmentally arduous/harsh conditions.

PTFE  has excellent resistance to chemicals and is highly resistant to oils, lubricants and fuels.

PTFE is a High Performance wire with high tolerance of extreme temperatures.

Range from -190°c (silver coated copper conductors) to +260°c (nickel plated copper conductors) (short term applications 300°c).

Saves space with readily stripped insulation.

PTFE is chemically inert.

PTFE insulated conductors are widely used for applications such as;

  • Internal and external connectors for electrical and electronic equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • Electronic ignitor systems (heavy duty gas ignition wire)
  • Gas ignitors in central heating systems
  • Heat sensor cables
  • Engines
  • Brake systems
  • Heat exchangers
  • Ovens
  • Freezers
  • Process control test equipment
  • Any application requiring resistance to high temperatures
  • Any environment demanding high levels of thermal, chemical, electrical or mechanical connection.

PTFE is widely used within:

Industrial, aerospace, military, marine, defence, medical, automotive and audio markets

K. Lacey hold a vast and wide range of stock of High Performance PTFE wires to BS3G210 and other UL and MIL specifications. PTFE spiral wrapping (EFWRAP). We also supply PTFE sleeving and ties. Click here to view data sheets of individual product ranges