PRE Print Marking Service

Can this benefit you?

K. Lacey can now offer a rapid pre-print marking service direct from our facility in West Sussex.

We have invested in our own cable marking system, a major piece of hardware and software designed to enable the print production of high performance cable markers, cable sleeves, panel labels, wrap around labels and adhesive labels.

With our excellent customer service and quick turnarounds we can help reduce your costs and risk by eliminating your need for labour and capital investment.

Send us your requirements allowing you to be more efficient and cost effective in your projects. Reap the benefits of utilising our new service, such as:

·   No inventory

·   No wastage

·   No capital investment

·   No training

·   No staff or resources

This new service will still be supported by the customer service, quality and knowledge you have come to expect from the team at K. Lacey. We continue to use only superior materials all quality tested to a variety of standards and our print meets a range of national and international mark permanence standards. Combine this with the simple but affective software and we can provide a variety of print options including barcodes, logos and data.

Contact us now with your requirements!